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Is Gripe Water Safe for Babies?

Nowadays, gripe water is sold in several nations as herbal supplement, which is both sucrose and alcohol-free; due to the fact that sucrose causes tooth decay, it has been removed from the making of gripe water. The main active ingredient is sodium bicarbonate and other key elements include dill and fennel. It’s sold in many continents, including US and is regulated by Food and Drug Administration.

Some doctors suggest using gripe water to treat tummy ailments, flatulence, and colic. Ensure to check with a child specialist, before offering it to your kid as herbal supplement. Like many other medicines, gripe water is also offered by many brands. This guide will help you choose the safest and best gripe water for your baby.

When a baby cries, it means that there is some problem; it could be related to hunger, cold, baby’s temperament, stomach problem or anything else. When baby cries continuously for 2 to 3 hours, the condition is termed as ‘colic’. You need to comfort your child; there are a number of products and home remedies to clam your troubled little one. Though not all methods work for every single baby, gripe water can give the much-needed relief.

Do Not Forget to Read What Ingredients Have Been Added:

Avoid gripe water, which has sodium bicarbonate as one of the ingredients, as it can trouble the PH levels in the infant’s tummy. Look out for charcoal (vegetable carbon), as it may cause blackened stool or constipation. Buy products, which are composed of herbal oil, as it is the natural and safest option.

Read Label and Instructions

is gripe water safe for babies

If your doctor has suggested gripe water, it’s good to offer the same prescribed brand. Not all makers add same ingredients and even the instructions for how to use also varies from one brand to another. Before opening the cap, ensure to read the instructions carefully. Most brands are designed for 1-month old baby and if your infant has not yet crossed 30 days, it’s recommended not to give such dosage. You need to also check how long the product can be given, once opened.

Look for Allergies

Though you want your baby to act positively, there could be something in the ingredient that could be allergic to your baby. Watch out for allergic symptoms, such as watery eyes, itchiness, hives, swelling of tongue or lips, trouble breathing or swallowing, diarrhea and vomiting.

is gripe water safe for babies

Gripe water is a traditional way to soothe a crying toddler; in olden days, it used to be made up of alcohol, bicarbonate, and dill. However, modern dosage doesn’t contain alcohol. Though it can be effective for colonic babies, there is a slight chance that your baby could be allergic to some active elements.

is gripe water safe for babies

If you’re sure about using herbal remedy or gripe water, there are many better ways to try. Relaxing, nice massages can sooth curb colicky cries. Apply some pressure on the tiny belly. You can also try switching formulas from cow milk’s to one that does not have cow milk contents.

In short, gripe water is safe, if it’s effective and leaves no side effects.